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In June 2020 the petition “Develop a NEW Back to the Future Game” was launched. Since then hundreds of fans have already signed this petition, and the trend is rising! No wonder, because during the last 10 years the video game world around Back to the Future has stagnated. The last implementation of Telltale Games was very interesting and quite successful. There was the possibility of interaction in a completely new story and the characters were kept in cartoon style. At the end of episode 5 there is an open end. Unfortunately the game was continued.

But the petition is more about a NEW back to the future game. A game, as it was tried in the early 90s, but it was not technically possible to realize. It’s been 35 years since the first back to the future movie came out. Unfortunately, despite the meanwhile very good technical possibilities, no computer game has been released yet, which meets today’s requirements. The last and nice implementation of a game was Back to the Future by Telltale Games. But this one was more cartoon-style and is now about 10 years ago and unfortunately there was never a sequel (we are still waiting for this too). Despite a still very large fan base of the film trilogy, they still hold themselves back concerning a high-class game development and implementation. 

It’s time for a AAA game with excellent and lifelike graphics, which lets you relive the film trilogy in the style of a GTA game. Where players can take on the role of Marty McFly and possibly other characters like Doc Brown and Jennifer Parker to re-enact the movie trilogy 1 to 1. Furthermore, it should be possible to enter the most important Places and buildings from Hill Valley like The Courthouse Square, Wild West Scenes, Marty McFly’s house, Doc’s Mansion, Doc’s Garage, Lorraine’s house, George’s house, Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel, The School and many more places and buildings. Also the choice between the movie story and a freeplay mode would be nice. The perspectives should be selectable between ego and third person, both on persons and in the car. Of course, the 3 different versions of the Delorean should not lack any details, both inside and outside.

As platform the game should be released primarily for the PC but also for consoles like the PS4, PS5 and others. The petition is addressed to all game developers who believe in this project. In my opinion Rockstar Games would fit best but other developers like Ubisoft could also develop such a great and certainly successful game.

Update: 10.23.2020: We have decided to call the game:

Back to the Future The Movie Game! 

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